Lock Upp: Sangram Singh miffed over Payal Rohatgi’s nomination, says ‘Nomination is just a formality, she is a real player’


Sangram Singh, who always protects his partner Payal Rohatgi like a shield, is miffed at her nomination. Yes, some new tricks are going on in the show Lock Upp day by day. Contestants’ confessions and their tasks are a new test every moment and Sangram Singh also supports Payal’s every move in the right direction.

Sangram Singh avers, “The Payal I know speaks her mind. She does not play a double game with an alter ego in the show, She is the same inside out and that is why her enemies fall in line. Others walk with knives hidden in their palms,  but Payal unlike them speaks truthfully and does not envy anyone. She is in her happy space.”
Says Sangram Singh,  “this nomination is just a formality because Payal is a real player. She never tells any convoluted story to grab TRPs and publicity, she tells the truth and has the full ability to win the game on her merit alone”.

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