“She’s being herself in the house, she’s exactly the same outside”: Vandana Singh on Vidhi Pandya



On premiere day of the fifteenth season of “Bigg Boss”, the “awesome mirror” called Vidhi Pandya the Panda of the jungle, but so far during her stay in the house, the audience got to see her fierce and bold side as well. The actress’ good friend Vandana Singh said that she is just being herself in the house. Vandana shared, “Vidhi is very caring and sweet. I remember we used to share our room during the shoot of ‘Udaan’ and our friendship was quite famous, people would say that we communicate through looks. Also, what I loved about her is that Vidhi looks out for everyone around her. Whenever she would get a break during the shoot, she would get something to eat for everyone, from makeup to co-actors. I feel she is just being herself in the house, she is exactly the same outside.”

She also stressed that in the first week Vidhi was trying to understand the game, and added, “She looked a bit lost but now it feels like she has dived in and is equally participating in every task. I am sure we will see her do well in the upcoming episodes.”

Speaking of the first week, Vidhi got into an argument with co-contestant Afsana Khan over submission of some personal items. Vandana feels that it was in the heat of the moment. She said, “Vidhi is a very sweet and giving person outside the house. Each and everyone is getting used to one another, it’s better to know and understand what everyone’s personality is like, to develop the bond. So, I feel in a way she now knows, who she can be friends with and who not.”

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There was another incident where Pratik Sehajpal broke the lock of the bathroom while Vidhi was in the shower. Talking about that episode, Vandana said, “One word – Vidhi didn’t create a controversy out of that incident which she could have but she also stood for herself, which in itself speaks about her personality. Proud of her!”

The “Bigg Boss” house can be a lonely place even with all the contestants around, but we can see Vidhi mingling well with Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. Vandana said, “It’s always important to have bonds and good connections in the long run. Plus Vidhi is a friendly person in nature. So, I hope their friendship stays intact even outside the house.”

Vandana is in awe of this season’s jungle theme and said, “It is not only bringing us closer to nature but I’m sure it’ll play a major role in bringing out each of the participant’s wild and crazy side in front of the camera.” What do you have to say about the host Salman Khan? “Salman is an emotion. Salman Khan pyar hain. Plus he’s a capricorn, so am I. I can’t wait to meet him in person,” Vandana concluded.


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