The Robots Are Coming … to Mow Your Lawn

Robotic mowers are expensive, which can deter homeowners. Costs can range from about $1,000 to $2,500, depending on the model. But over the life of the equipment, battery-power models ultimately save money, a 2017 analysis at the University of Arkansas found. Some communities are offering rebates when older mowers or blowers are traded in, Mr. Mabe said.

Among manufacturers that offer equipment, Husqvarna is well known, and there are newer companies, like EGO and Ambrogio, as well as Mean Green Products, which in September was acquired by a division of Generac Holdings. Market stalwarts like Toro and DeWalt now also offer battery-operated lawn care equipment.

The equipment is comparable in size to traditional mowers, said Joe Turoff, the chief marketing officer for Chervon, North America EGO’s parent company. Running time, depending on the size of the battery, is about 60 to 90 minutes, he said.

Those who care for their own yards are moving toward battery-operated blowers, trimmers and edgers when purchasing new equipment, Mr. Farnsworth said, adding that roughly half of newly purchased blowers and trimmers are battery powered.

The biggest hurdle may be the professional market, because the electric equipment needs recharging to handle, say, 10 hours of continuous use. Until there is a solution, he said, landscapers may “be laggards when compared to homeowners.”

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