The run-up to finale wreaks havoc tonight on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’!



With only two weeks remaining for the ‘Finale Week’, the housemates are going all in on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’! We have seen in the previous episodes how the tasks of ‘Ticket To Finale’ have got cancelled one by one, making this season still yearning for its second finalist. In today’s new task, the contestants have to nominate a name who they feel does contributes less in all the tasks; and the decision of this task shall be made with a unanimous consensus or a majority opinion.

Karan and Tejasswi have made efforts to rekindle their romance, but it looks like the turbulence in their relationship shall continue as they both take different routes to win this game. While Tejasswi nominates Rashami, Karan nominates Abhijeet. This makes Tejasswi feel that Karan is simply trying to keep Rashami safe. Frustrated by his call, Tejasswi tells him, “Agar tu Rashami ko bachane ke liye khelne wala hai , then I am not okay with it!”.

On the other hand, Rakhi continues to wield the power on ‘Sanchalak’ in the ‘Snowman task’ that leaves everyone annoyed. Pratik targets Umar to keep him out of the game, but Rakhi takes a questionable call by keeping him safe against the rules. Pratik confronts her for her bias, but Rakhi taunts him by saying he is afraid of Umar. She concludes her argument saying, “Mera faisla aakhri faisla hai!”


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